Unrivalled Functionality With The LTO 6 Back-Up Cassette


Over the last decade or so the Linear Tape Open format is becoming the most used data storage format in the data storage business. It is obtainable in a number of brands and has got 6 generations each offering distinct storage capacities. The LTO 6 Information Back-Up Cassette is the newest cassette in the Linear Tape Open technology released lately in 2012. Many brands have produced this information cassette including business leaders like Maxell, Sony, IBM, HP, Imation and Quantum. This post discusses the LTO 6 Data Storage Cassette and how they produce functionality and exceptional security for all of your data storage needs.

Big Storage Capacity

First and foremost the LTO 6 Back-Up Cassette possesses an unrivaled natural data storage capacity of 25 TB. That is the biggest so far in the magnetic tape business definitely. In face with the compression ratio of 25:1, the storage capacity is raised to a tremendous 625 TB capacity only as long as the information saved is in compressed format. That is possible as a result of partition capacity of the cassette empowering it to be partitioned into 4 parts hence providing more space.

Quickest Transport Speed

This format has an unchallenged data transfer speed of 160 MB/s. That is very fast in comparison with not only the preceding generations of the format but also when compared with other magnetic tape formats like Digital Data Storage Cassettes (DDS), and Digital Linear Tapes (DLT).

Unmatched Security

hp-lto-6-image-6The Imation 29080 LTO-6 Information Back-Up Cassette is a good example of a LTO 6 cassette that offers a distinctive encryption mechanics and added security with the WO.R.M (Write Once Read Many) attribute. The WO.R.M attribute prevents the information from accidentally being deleted, corrupted and overwritten. This provides some essential security to your own backup information than there would have been no need to archive the information in the first place as though the copy is lost.

Easy Updating Through Great Compatibility

Among the best advantages of the Imation LTO-6 Copy Cassette is that it’s harmonious with 2 preceding generations of the LTO family. This generation is writing harmonious with the LTO 5 Storage cassette and is read compatible with not only the LTO5 Storage cassette but the LTO-4 Storage cassette. This allows for simple updating to future generations of the cassette format when they come out. At exactly the same time it enables users possessing old generations of the cassette format to easily update to the LTO 6 format.

Long Archival Life This latest generation in the Linear Tape Open technology has a big archival life of almost 30 years. That is because of the cassette having a design that is long-lasting and robust. This layout helps the cassette resist damage from outside sources like inadvertently being dropped from a height.

All in all the LTO 6 Information Back-Up Cassettes are a revolution in the storage sector. As a result of high tech attributes they possess, the Cassettes provide unmatched performance, protected and quality storage to all users particularly users belonging to big business type companies.