HP LTO 6 Saving Info In Latest Technology

hp-lto-6-image-1Technology continues to improve every day bring alternatives to our everyday issues and so that you can make our lives. Information there are many choices available to ensure your information is efficiently and securely backed up and backing technology is not left behind. If you’re buying product that can back up huge amounts of information in the manner that is the most productive, the HP LTO-6 products provides you with just what you’re searching for.

About The LTO Technology Linear Tape open is a tape storage technology having an open storage format that permits many sources of products meant to be compatible with each other. The LTO technology was initially developed by International Business Machines (IBM), Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Seagate Technology. Promotion and the constant development of the technology has become the duty of IBM, HP, and Quantum.

LTO-6 Technology

LTO 6 describes the sixth generation of LTO which was introduced in 2012. Its storage capacity is 25 terabytes (TB) maximum when the information is uncompressed, and when compressed, the storage capacity of the info is 625 TB. The compression ratio for information in the sixth generation of LTO is 25:1, an increase from the preceding generations that had a compression ratio of 2:1.

While the transfer rate of the compressed information is 400 MB/s the transfer rate of the info that’s uncompressed is 160MB/s. HP LTO-6 supports attributes like write once, read many (WORM), data encryption that is certainly hardware based and partitioning to permit the linear cassette file system (LTFS).

Advantages Of LTO

LTO technology is an offline way of backup that ensures your information is protected from hackers, virus attacks, and also sabotage. It’s also a system that’s not difficult to use since unloading, loading and storing the media is rather straightforward. This backup technology causes it to be possible to readily remove the medium and save it. This implies your information will not be dangerous just in case of any type of catastrophe happening including system, fire and individual error.

hp-lto-6-image-2Data Protection

There are several things it is possible to do to ensure that you just reap the maximum benefits out of your data backup system. One of many recommended practices will be to retain quite a few copies of the copy info typically three copies if the advice is quite essential. These copies should then be retained in distinct places, and a copy should be stored offsite. If you use disc system to save your information, then the cassette system can be used by you to backup the information so your two systems efficiently complement each other. Your info can be kept safe through data encryption and using the write once, read much (WORM) system to ensure your information just isn’t overwritten or changed.


The life durability of the HP LTO 6 tapes with each pass being the amount of times the tape shifts direction, is a million passes. On average, a copy can have over one thousand passes. The tapes are made from a magnetic substance generally known as Barium Ferrite (Bade) which is more dependable and contains a higher capability compared to preceding stuff that have been in use.