HP LTO 6: Enhancing The Functionality Of A Tape Cartridge


Do you realize there are methods you can better the functionality of your slow cassette through care strategies that are straightforward? Here are suggestions that may help you receive the most from the tape cartridge.

1. Pay Particular Focus On Media Storage States

The plastic cover located on most tape drives is sufficient to protect the drive. Yet, severe impacts like an autumn, exposure to humidity and high temperatures and exposure to dust all result in lack of information as a consequence of damage to the cassette. If your info is saved at offsite locations, then it’d be best if you and those websites seen on occasion to confirm that the info will be saved correctly and in the proper states.

2. Replace And Rotate Cassette Media On A Regular Basis

Cassette features read/ write that the working life of the media is restricted to some specific variety of hours in the drive. You are able to distribute this sort of day-to-day wear by rotating cassettes in your media establish. It’s important that you simply replace any cassette that’s reached the end of its working life and keep tabs on all cassettes which are showing signs of wear. If you might have cassettes that neglect confirmation testing that is routine then you certainly might want to replace those too or else you face having problem during future restorations.

3. The Tape Drive Should Be Kept Correctly

Media will be deposited by motion of tape media in a drive onto that specific drive’s read/write heads. This generally leads to media malfunctions which are as a consequence of early damage of the media. HP LTO 6 generally includes producer recommendations for head cleaning. Don’t forget to follow them as said.

4. Convert To Refresh Old Or Another Media Type Cassette Media

Info saved on almost any magnetic media will disintegrate over time, even if it is doing something sitting on a ledge. The media will succumb to information errors that will make restoring it tough. For this reason, form a habit of refreshing cassette information often. This can be no problem that’s experienced when cassettes are in regular turning. It’s an issue that applies generally to cassettes which might be in deep storage. You might need certainly to rewrite it, if your cassette approaches around 50% of its shelf life.

5. Update Your Old Drives To Speed And Accentuate Capability

hp-lto-6-image-2A number of companies have recognized they can enhance capacity and the speed of the old tape drives simply by updating them to the hottest accessible standards. Fewer medium will be used during data copy. When you wish to make an upgrade, it’s important that you ascertain whether your systems will not be incompatible after the upgrade. Some cassettes may be left unreadable on specific tape drives.

You’ll be surprised by how much the life of your tape drive could raise simply by practicing a couple of the suggestions mentioned previously.